About Puckett EMS

 A Tradition of Excellence

Puckett EMS Atlanta Ambulance Services

Puckett EMS, a family owned and operated business based in Powder Springs, Georgia, is the offspring of Puckett Ambulance Service, which was in operation from 1984-1996. Puckett Ambulance Service was known for providing a high quality, cost effective service to the communities it served.  In 1996, Puckett Ambulance was sold to Medtrans Corporation. The founder of Puckett Ambulance, Steven K. Puckett, said, “After I sold, I never thought I would ever work on an ambulance again, but this business is something that grows on you and will always be a part of my life.”

In March of 2001, Steve formed a partnership with Shane Garrison, a friend, colleague and previous Director of Operations for Puckett Ambulance. Puckett EMS was incorporated on March 12, 2001.

With the support of the community, family and friends, Puckett EMS has quickly grown to a forty ambulance operation specializing in Emergency and Non-Emergency transports.


Governing Values

Emergency Medical Services Throughout the Southeast

“Do my actions and the actions and appearance of my team represent those of an EMS professional?”

“Did I meet the expectations of my patient, my colleagues, my fellow-responders, the hospital staff and the public?”

“It’s my responsibility to take ownership of the things I’m responsible for; treat my patient and their families as I would want to be treated; and hold myself and my colleagues accountable.”

“Were my actions safe for me, my colleagues, for other professionals and for the public?”

Customer Service
“Would my patients say I did my very best?”


“Was my care appropriate medically, professionally, legally and practically, considering the circumstances I faced?”

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“Did my actions make sense? Would a reasonable colleague of my experience have acted similarly, under the same circumstances?”


“Were my actions fair and honest in every way?”