Request for Legal Documentation

Medical records including but not limited to patient care reports are protected and private information that by law cannot be released without proper legal identification and authorization by the patient or by an order from the court.  Please refer to the HIPAA – Detailed Notice of Privacy Practices provided on this website.

All requests for confidential protected information will require completion of the Authorization to Release Information form.  There will also be a fee associated with the production of those records which must be paid at the time of request.  Below is the Georgia Code outlining those charges:

Georgia General Assembly Unannotated Code §31-33-3

A charge of up to $25.88 may be collected for search, retrieval, and other direct administrative costs

  • A fee for certifying the medical records may also be charged not to exceed $9.70 for each record certified
  • The actual cost of postage incurred in mailing the requested records may also be charged
  • Copying costs for a record which is in paper form shall not exceed
  • $0.97 per page for the first 20 pages of the patient’s records which are copied
  • $0.83 per page for pages 21 through 100
  • $0.66 for each page copied in excess of 100 pages
  • These numbers reflect July 1, 2011 increase for inflation.
  • For medical records which are not in paper form, including but not limited to radiology films, the provider shall be entitled to recover the full reasonable cost of such reproduction.


UPDATE: July 2011

All patient records can be picked up at our corporate office at:

3760 Tramore Pointe Parkway
Austell, GA 30106

Please allow a minimum of 24 hours to retrieve records.  In cases of emergency records may be able to be obtained more expeditiously.